Terms and Conditions



We understand that things happen! If you need to cancel your cleaning please give us 24 hours notice so we can fill your spot! If you don't give us 24 hours notice, we will charge a $50.00 missed appointment fee.

Extended Cleanings

If your home is in worse condition than anticipated we will have to charge you accordingly. We will let you know at the time of the cleaning.


All clutter should be picked up and put away. The more space without clutter the cleaner your home will be! If we have to pick up toys, clothes, trash, etc. up in excess of a normal home, we charge $20  extra per room.

Late Arrival

If you set an appointment with us and we cannot get into the home we will wait until you arrive, but we will charge $65.00 per hour we wait.

What we don't do


-Pet accidents


-Exterior windows


Q: Do you supply the materials or do I?

A:  We supply all materials and tools needed to make your house shine!

Q: Do you accept credit/debit?

A: Yes we do!!

Q: Can I schedule same day cleanings?

A:  Yes! We can usually get you in with one of our crews the same day.

Not Satisfied With Your Cleaning?

We are happy to offer a redo within 48 hours of the initial cleaning. We will send someone back at no charge to fix any missed areas or mistakes on our behalf.

Request a REDO